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Robert Janssen PhD

Providing strong support on all regulatory affairs services to the chemical and consumer goods industries on a global basis. Developing Managed Service solutions for clients seeking compliance in their global supply chains from supplier through to consumer. 

Specialties: Supply chain compliance support and implementation of Chemical Regulations & IT Solutions. Analysis and Consulting on global chemical and product regulations with special focus on EU Regulations, REACH and REACH-like regulations and regulations on restricted substances and substances of very high concern. 

Robert Janssen is a managing partner with AdviLex Regulatory Compliance LLC. Dr. Janssen is a strategic leader across a broad-base of global regulatory and quality targets with a 25 year's blended background in Process Safety, Research & Development, Procurement, Regulatory Affairs, Quality and Innovation. Dr. Janssen has contributed to numurous product development projects from conception up to final commercialization and gained deep understanding of the importance of effective cross-functional internal and external communication at every stage of the development avoiding pittfalls, reducing business risk while maximizing the chance of commercial success. Dr. Janssen's subject matter expert skills in chemical substance identification at the hand of modern analytical and spectroscopic techniques led to resolving regulatory disputes, supporting costly reclamations in favor of claimants, preparing high quality regulatory dossiers and defending patented uses of substances.  Dr. Janssen's unique combined service in academia, chemical manufacuring, product development, supply chain, regulatory and data management enables him to consult on projects including combinations of the aspects in their lifer-cycle.    

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Al Wiedow PhD, DABT

Providing strong industry-governmental liaisons for advocacy, toxicology, and regulatory affairs services to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical industries on a global basis. New business development and health hazard reviews for green chemistry alternatives.

Specialties: Long-term expertise in evaluating chemicals for potential endocrine disrupting effects as well as conducting environmental and human health hazard assessments especially in determining the impacts from exposures to the fluorochemical family of PFAS compounds.

Al Wiedow is a principal with Environmental Health Assessments, LLC. Environmental Health Assessments, LLC main function is to assist organizations in interpreting health and environmental study findings into scientifically defensible evaluations and positions.
Dr. Wiedow’s expertise covers a wide range of educational disciplines coupled with extensive experience in product regulatory affairs and toxicology. His unique background, training, and experience allow for completing human health and environmental risk assessments on hazardous materials.
These endeavors focused on applications, interpretations, and policy settings especially on targeted substances generated by the chemical, agricultural, pharma, and consumer products sectors.
Dr. Wiedow has provided guidance, evaluation, and interpretation of in-lab tox testing performed for industrial and environmental sectors. He has developed a keen insight on the present-day and potential future of health evaluations from exposures to fluorochemicals and endocrine disruptors. Dr. Wiedow has over 40 years of combined service in academia, the federal government, chemical industry, and environmental consulting while aligning his background with trade associations, legal firms, and public relations organizations. Al has been continually certified by the American Board of Toxicology since 1985 through 2025.

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