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Why Choose AdviLex ?

Decades of Regulatory, Product Stewardship, and Operational experience in the chemical industry comprising Research & Development, Manufacturing, Procurement, Supply Chain Logistics, and Waste Management, to mention a few areas gives us the confidence to deal with the most challenging situations. 

We operate in a network of bespoke partners who bring a wealth of experience in chemical management systems, software solutions, and data mining. We work with board-certified toxicologists and eco-toxicologists, while industrial experts can provide process safety assessments at any required detail level. We can approach projects on an individual expert level and mobilize resources to deal with larger projects.

The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten…… we like transparency. Regulatory projects, small or large, should be transparent in the deliverables and the cost-to-deliver. Nothing is more frustrating for clients than unmet expectations.  We set realistic goals and deadlines with clients and discuss alternatives before starting our work.

Bringing together the resources in a team and making them work efficiently together with a single goal in mind. Controlling information flows and making thoughtful alignments to plans is the key to obtaining desired results. Our experience is based on years of working with teams and clients, solving roadblocks while keeping a constant delivery pipeline until project closing. 

Success is not apparent. It's hard work to get good results, and we take pride in what we do. Client satisfaction is the greatest reward and the motivation for clients to work with us now and in the future. 

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