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Circular Economy & Green Chemistry

Long-term governmental policies ushering  "New Green Deals," trigger the release of an increasing number of directives and regulations that steer economies towards becoming more "circular" and sustainable. Improving recycling rates, re-use of materials, regulating product design, and restricting the most deleterious substances are, among others, the centerpiece of the regulatory instruments.   


Without a thorough life-cycle analysis considering all aspects from sourcing, transport, storage of raw materials, production methods, molecular efficiency,  the energy mix used in the production, and the end-of-life stage, "green" manufacturing claims of chemical products are difficult to justify, and worst-case be perceived as controversial. 


We deeply understand the global regulations on recycling, waste management, and the fate of substances of concern in material flows. We support companies with services including, but not limited to:


  1. Evaluation of existing or future recycling technologies 

  2. "cradle-to-grave" analysis:

    1. Compilation of energy and material balances and environmental release profiles.

    2. Environmental impact and risk analysis for FDA and EPA regulatory applications.

    3. Preparations of ISO 140001 game plans.

  3. Laying the framework of Lifecycle Analysis for chemicals.

We closely worked with clients  in the definition and implementation of projects triggered by directives and regulations like:

  1. Extended Producer Responsibility on a global level

  2. EU Waste Framework Directive

  3. EU 2018 Circular Economy Package

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