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Substances of Very High Concern
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Emerging Issues

With the growing number of Industrial Chemicals and the increasing concern on their effect on humans and the environment, many countries worldwide tightened their grip on manufacturing, supply, and use. Spearheaded by the United Nations, OECD, and numerous NGOs, decades-old and inefficient regulations were reformed or replaced with new legislation. Many new and emerging regulations were modeled on the landmark EU Chemical Legislation REACH, notably Turkey KKDIK, Korea K-REACH, and soon to follow India.

Regulators identified small groups of chemicals of particular concern and drafted specific legislation to control the use and distribution thereof tightly. As an example, PFAS as a chemical class including about 10,000 substances, was raised to the level of Very High Concern, with the EU drafting an Annex XV dossier to restrict the class as a whole.


Our strength is staying abreast of the latest chemical regulatory developments, interpreting, assessing the business impact, and converting these new rules into actions to help clients become, and remain compliant.


Among others, we offer:

  • Portfolio analysis and global tracking of the latest developments on emerging SVHC.

  • Advice on reporting and tracking of chemicals with import and export restrictions

  • Preparation of EU-Authorizations and Alternative Analysis.

  • California Proposition 65 labeling. 

  • Supply Chain tracking and supplier communication. 



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