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Product Stewardship


organizational design

Effective Product Stewardship Organizations embrace Product Safety, Product Support, Regulatory Screening, and, increasingly, the suite of Sustainability Services.  Strong cross-functional relations with HSE, Marketing, and Quality Assurance are essential to deliver products on time and in spec. Product Stewardship experts are all-rounders with diverse backgrounds in chemical engineering, chemistry, environmental sciences, toxicology, or supply chain functions. 


With our decades of experience, we speak the language of Product Safety and connect with business partners on a peer level. We help clients gear their Product Stewardship organizations to be more efficient. Increase customer satisfaction, add value to portfolios, and integrate product stewardship in all critical decision-making processes to reduce operational risks.  


Among others, we offer:

  • Functional analysis of Product Stewardship in existing organizations.

  • Re-design workflows, eliminate rework and swivel chair positions, improve resource utilization, and recast organizational reporting lines.

  • Create effective communication between functions, speeding up the go-to-market process. 

  • Assistance with the selection of a proper software landscape, working with well-known partners in the field of Chemical Management Solutions. 

  • Data sanitization and maintaining a service of regular data updates. 

  • Talent Resourcing. We will find talented Product Stewardship experts at any level and train them in the specific knowledge of your organization.

  • SOP and Manual development 


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