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Product Stewardship

Global companies manufacturing and selling across multiple jurisdictions must develop detailed regulatory strategies to avoid unnecessary testing while aligning regulators' review and marketing timelines. Marketing professionals work hand-in-hand with both Research & Development and Product Stewardship experts to secure successful new product launches. 

​Regrettable substitutions of Substances of Very High Concern, undesired classifications of substances in a late development stage, or delayed regulatory submissions due to wrong substance identities are just a few of the pitfalls. The substitution of BPA with BPS in specific applications and the launch of GenX as a more acceptable alternative to PFOA are only a few examples of costly mistakes based on wrong judgments of regulatory developments.

​Our experts anticipate regulatory trends and provide in-depth insight into many global jurisdictions' regulatory requirements, helping clients make the right decisions and supporting every step in obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals. 


We deliver services in:

  • Regulatory compliance auditing and Due Diligence to Private Equity Firms.

  • Global registration and notification of substances (EU-REACH, TSCA, "REACH-like" Regulations).

  • Authoring of white papers supporting communication to regulators, policymakers, or the general public.

  • Advocacy and representation services with industry associations or regulators.

  • Regulatory Trend Reports.

  • Substance Identity, fingerprinting, and contamination profiles.

  • GHS classification & labeling.

  • Creating chemical regulatory overviews and interpretations.

  • Export and import advice on chemicals.

  • Hazard, Exposure, and Risk Assessment.​

  • Safety Datasheet review and authoring.

We network with experts offering integrated software architectures enabling SDS and Label authoring in 50+ languages for all major jurisdictions using for example, LISAM's ExESS software integrated into SAP EH&S or any other solution.

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