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As a global partner with Complaris we deliver Chemical Management Solution Expertise 

Chemical Compliance

Implementation & IT solutions

"Who's in charge of chemical compliance?"

  • Ensuring product safety and dangerous goods management worldwide

  • Safety data sheets, registrations, labels

  • Master data management and reporting in EHS systems

  • Creation and electronic shipping of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Analysis & Consulting

"How do you get a grip on unlimited personal liability at management level?"

  • Regulatory content in more than 50 languages for virtually every country in the world

  • REACH, TSCA, GHS/CLP, IMDS, ROHS, WEEE, IATA, ADR, RID and many more in focus

  • Substance volume tracking (SVT) for all affected economic areas

  • Communication with poison control centers, see "Poison Center Notification" (PCN & UFI)

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