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AdviLex Regulatory Compliance LLC

Delivering expert regulatory- and supply chain compliance services. Compliance through smart and fit-for-purpose solutions and staying ahead of global chemical regulations.

Consumer Goods

Chemicals in consumer goods (articles, cosmetics or cleaning agents etc.) are subject to chemical and product regulations and deserve special attention. In contrast, it is sometimes not clear which regulation exactly covers the compliance of these goods. For example, electronic articles are subject to different restricted substance regulations e.g., RoHS. As of 5th January 2021, companies supplying articles containing substances of very high concern (SVHCs) on the Candidate List in a concentration above 0.1% (w/w) on the EU market have to submit information on these articles to ECHA, as part of the SCIP database. In all these cases, we can advise clients on their obligations. We are fully equipped to support any request to collect data in the supply chain, analyze, prepare, and submit finished dossiers to authorities to secure an undisrupted flow of goods across customs to the end-consumers. 


We perform a full spectrum of services to secure compliance in the supply chain. Not only notifications, registrations, or risk & exposure assessments are in our portfolio of offerings, but also preparation of Applications of Authorization under REACH or Biocidal Product Authorizations under the EU-BPR are frequently asked services which our experts can advise. Our expertise stretches all global major regulatory areas from USA TSCA to the Asian REACH-like regulations in Korea, Taiwan, or China. We partner with local experts to answer questions and bring your regulatory needs to completion.  

Compliance Solutions
Classification & Labeling of Chemicals

Trading & Distribution

Internet trading and distribution platforms operating in the European Union are subjected to new rules regarding the transparency of chemicals in articles. Labels must be correct and fulfill the requirements of CLP. Operators of internet businesses are responsible for making available correct information as much as the sellers. International trade across jurisdictions must consider that goods must comply with the standards of the consumer's country of use. Made-to-measure regulatory reports covering in a comprehensive way the regulations on chemicals as such or in articles in any global jurisdiction can be prepared by our experts. The information can immediately be converted to rulesets driving compliance software and integrated into PLM software landscapes.  

Find out more about our services and how to make regulatory compliance to a business strategy; call for a free and non-binding consultation or send us an email

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